Back in Boulder!

For those that haven’t heard, the swedish TechStar is now back in Boulder for 3 months. I’m working hard at our new (not very shiny but OK offices) on 1980 8th St, feel free to drop by. It’s good to be back.

Video: What’s TechStars like?

TechStars was a great experience for everyone involved, and we’re all keeping a close contact with the other teams and mentors. This video was posted on and gives you insight in what we all think TechStars was: A pretty darn awesome experience! TechStars: What’s it like? from David Cohen on Vimeo.

Intense Debate Graphical Makeover

As you probably know I’m a cofounder and User Interface Designer at Intense Debate. We just released a big update to our revolutionary commenting system, that’s basically a total makeover graphically. I think you can tell that I’m excited! One of the most noticable changes/improvements is the “User Information Box” that displays when you hover… Continue reading Intense Debate Graphical Makeover

New year, more work

It’s amazing how some things change rapidly and how others.. Well, doesn’t change at all. It’s 2008 and I still work as hard as ever. One thing’s for certain: This is the year. So much exciting stuff will happen this year. I’m working on a little side project for Adept Web Solutions while Intense Debate… Continue reading New year, more work

Intense Debate has launched!

I’m glad to report that Intense Debate has ended it’s Closed Beta period and is now entering an Open Beta! These are very exciting times, and it’s amazing to see how well our service performs with this sudden hiatus in the traffic. The Chameleon theme is also performing fairly well, even due to my complete… Continue reading Intense Debate has launched!