Intense Debate has launched!

I’m glad to report that Intense Debate has ended it’s Closed Beta period and is now entering an Open Beta! These are very exciting times, and it’s amazing to see how well our service performs with this sudden hiatus in the traffic. The Chameleon theme is also performing fairly well, even due to my complete rewrite. I’ve only had to fix one or two small things.

So if you have a blog, go check out the newest, and brightest shining star on the Internet for today: Intense Debate Comments. Installing it on Blogger and typepad with a widget is a breeze, a WordPress install is really easy.

If you have any complaints/questions/suggestions about the interface or the commenting experience altogether, please drop me a few lines. I’m always working on making the Intense Debate Comments your dream commenting system come true.


  1. Hey Aizat, I see you've made a bunch of testing comments on this post. It's good that you try out Intense Debate! What you experienced before was that I've turned on moderation of all comments, meaning you have to be approved once and for all, and then your comments will always be shown directly when you post them. You are now approved. 🙂 Feel free to if you have any suggestions on how we could improve.

  2. Steven, It's an ongoing process improving Intense Debate and giving people what they want. Formatting is a big deal, and we know it. The installations process was completely redone a month ago or so because i was too difficult in many users opinion. I do know what you mean though, we went too far in some cases. We'll have to look over it again in the short-term future. I'd love to get your feedback on all of this once we implement it, and if you have anything else: Thanks!

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