What Me.dium would look like if I designed it

medium_byisaackeyet.pngI’ve always been kind of confused by the Me.dium (me.dium.com) UI. It is not very intuitional to me, it’s easy to read the text but the lack of anti-aliasing makes it look kind of dull too. It took me almost two weeks of usage to find out that the stuff in the bottom are all tabs, so you can select different ones!

Maybe I’m being overly critical here, Me.dium is an awesome application that will go far. I just hope they can put some more time into making it logical (for first-time users).

I’ve also thought about the simplicity of the medium “world”. The background is genious, but boring, as is the small boxes floating around on it. Again, it’s all needed to be extremely clear just because everything is so small, but cmon. I did a background for the Me.dium sphere to show how it would’ve looked if I designed the thing, it should be to the right of this blog post. Does anyone like it?


  1. Hey Shawn! This was all just Photoshop. I just felt like redoing the interface real quick one late evening.. I'm sure you should be able to replace some files in the FF plugin folder too, if you know what you're doing. I didn't do this though. I'm thinking of reskinning the whole thing just for fun as soon as I get some time over, I'll send you a note if I do! Then we can compete on making the best UI remake 🙂

  2. I'm not sure I can help you here, but if you're talking about Me.dium I guess the answer would be to just click them in the box on top (pictured in this post's image). All the small boxes where it says for example Gizmodo are visual reprentations of websites. Click the text or favicon to be brought there!

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