This blog theme

This blog theme is really boring. I feel like it’s not fun reading stuff on it. I really should change it as soon as I got the time.

“To design when it shouldn’t look like it’s designed”

From working for Intense Debate, I’ve encountered quite a few situations where my design should style something, but just to some extent. Since our comments system should fit nicely to the context it’s contained in, my design is limited to just include basic parts of the system. Like buttons or the user menu. The rest… Continue reading “To design when it shouldn’t look like it’s designed”


Uninspired news, but I just discovered that I still have the texturemedia passkey in my wallet. I’ll have to send it off asap. Yay. Also, I’m back in Sweden, and doing great.

Investor day, it’s over

This was a big day in my life. I’m having a hard time believing that we’re actually done now. TechStars is “over”, and the last thing is a party at Davids house tomorrow night.. But that’s everything left. I’ve made a lot of good connections with the other founders during the summer, and have gotten… Continue reading Investor day, it’s over

Boulder Creek

I found an open wireless connection going home from my little shopping spree. It looks like there’s a thunderstorm coming, which is nice because clouds mean that it’s a little cooler than usual. As a matter of fact I can hear thunder right now, I should leave soon. The Boulder Creek still amazes me, it’s… Continue reading Boulder Creek

Dress Rehearsal

It all went well, surprisingly. Jon was really good at presenting our stuff, and even though we had some technical inconsistencies it all went really well. We’ll probably have to change something on the product to make it stand out more during the demo, as the projector’s colors are all off. Minor change, but it… Continue reading Dress Rehearsal