Testing the new Apple keyboard


I really love it. The new, slim keyboard from Apple is truly amazing. Slimmer than even logitech nuevo (spelling?), or at least it feels like it. And you don’t slip off of the keys, like you do on the macbook pros and the old keyboards. The texture of the keys prohibit this.

One thing is a little odd at first, and it’s the space between the keys. As I own a macbook I’m kind of used to it, but it’s definately a different feeling… On the good side, it’s harder to hit the wrong key now.

It’s only $49 too, thinking of buying one.. My old logitech certainly needs a replacement. I like how they have miniatures of the dashboard and expose on the actual keys… I had a lot of trouble figuring out which was which when I started out using my macbook, so I think it’s good for a first-time user.

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