Dress Rehearsal

It all went well, surprisingly. Jon was really good at presenting our stuff, and even though we had some technical inconsistencies it all went really well. We’ll probably have to change something on the product to make it stand out more during the demo, as the projector’s colors are all off. Minor change, but it sucks to realize it at this stage. As told before we really have enough to do these days… I still need to buy the suitcase for one.

On a sidenote I’m very thirsty. I certainly hope that we won’t be here all day, or else I will die from dehydration.

Right now Matt from Socialthing! is presenting. For the second time actually, the first take was really tense, so David Cohen had him have another go again. This time it’s much better, but the audience is still not excited from what Socialthing! does, which you actually were during the rehearsals prior to today. It’s remarkable what difference a large hall, some new technical equipment and an early morning does to your performance!

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