Development put on hold

A storm is coming. We’re getting the absolute last parts of the presentation nailed down, and will stop developing the service as of tuesday. We have lots and lots to practise on, we’re moving out of the apartment and I need to get all my stuff in order for the journey back to Sweden. That… Continue reading Development put on hold

Rough days (and nights)

This is crazy. This is the second night in a row that I don’t sleep at all during the night, and instead go to sleep around 10am (in 20mins). We just need to get finished, and then there are no excuses… Too bad, I’m dying for 8hrs of sleep. This night the presentation was somewhat… Continue reading Rough days (and nights)


I’ve spent all night long hashing out two widgets for Intense Debate. Perhaps I shouldn’t tell too much about them, but they have been requested… We’re hoping to put them out tomorrow already, provided the rest of the process runs smoothly (but it never seems to, does it?). The interesting thing, at least to me,… Continue reading Widgets

Alright, here we go

So here I am, making another attempt to actually start producing content. This time it’s mostly because I want my Intense Debate Comments ( to display somewhere where I can admire them regularly. In other news, Boulder and Colorado is great. I could really settle down here at some point, question is just when. One… Continue reading Alright, here we go

Design update

Peter gave some helpful tips, and I’ve updated some. The front page is still the only one that looks good though, will have to work more on this when I got time.

Professional Help

I am now getting my dear friend Peter Simonsson of to look at the blog, and hopefully give some positive input before I proceed further. Bear with me! Testing another line just to see how it looks…

The blog is up

It took me some good time to get the design display somewhat correctly, but for now I think this look will do just fine. I’ll keep on designing the sub pages and whatnot, perhaps I’ll post about progress here… I also need to find a javascript so my PNG-24 will display i older browsers too.