The latest presentation practise

We did our presentation practise again this evening, and it actually went really well. There will always be some last minute tweaking, naturally, but it feels like we’re finally wrapping it up. I can’t wait to get it over with, and actually be able to focus on the website and the widgets again!

One bad thing is that I need to convert the whole presentation to Keynote now. Unfortunately the TechStars people don’t want us to use .ppt’s on Investor Day. Which is strange, because they said that it would be ok all the way up till now. Shit happens, I guess.

…And please, use the comment system for this post! We desperately need YOUR input to make it the best comment system ever to hit the market! Feel free to send me an email (me at isaackeyet dot com) or simply add me to your IM (ievolver at gmail dot com) if you have suggestions or complaints.

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