6 Years With Automattic

September 20, 2008 signified a big milestone in my life: I achieved one of my life goals, to have co-founded a successful startup, and as a result I started working at Automattic. For the next two years we continued working on IntenseDebate as we now had the resources and the expertise to really push the… Continue reading 6 Years With Automattic

Get Notified about Keyword Mentions in Skype Group Chats

Here’s a little trick that might come in handy for those that use Skype as a group messaging tool: set up the chat to only notify you about specific keyword mentions and mark other messages as read immediately. This guide is for Skype 6.1+ on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (untested on other platforms… Continue reading Get Notified about Keyword Mentions in Skype Group Chats

WordPress Advice for Beginners

Smashing Magazine published an article titled “The WordPress Community Offers Advice To Beginners” a few days ago. Written by WP community rockstar Siobhan McKeown it’s a comprehensive guide to WordPress for the newcomer. So comprehensive, in fact, that I’ve yet to read the whole thing! I was lucky to be a part of the article… Continue reading WordPress Advice for Beginners

iPhone 5 PSD Template

The iPhone 5 is an amazing, well-designed, and versatile device. However, as usual, it’s extremely hard to find good lossless pictures of the device for use in promotions, blog posts, and on websites. The press graphics provided by Apple itself have very strict licensing and only scale so far since they’re already rendered and you… Continue reading iPhone 5 PSD Template

RIP Steve Jobs

You’ve helped me speak in public. Your products have made me worship a brand and argue for it’s supremacy. You’ve taught me that form follows function, but only when both are in line, truly great experiences can be built. Your success and strong leadership has inspired me. But most of all, you’ve showed me that… Continue reading RIP Steve Jobs