How to restart Bluetooth (blued) on a Mac

Update February 2016: If you’re on Mac OS X El Capitan or newer, please follow these steps to reset your bluetooth module instead. Update March 2016: If you’re getting the “Bluetooth Not Available” error, please follow this guide instead: Bluetooth Not Available Mac OS X Problem Sometimes when my computer runs out of battery, and… Continue reading How to restart Bluetooth (blued) on a Mac

WordPress nominated for Webware 2009

So this is pretty cool… The WordPress platform was nominated in the Webware awards anno 2009. If you love WordPress as much as I do, you don’t hesitate to go vote for your champ! Seriously though, I’m proud. The whole team behind WordPress is truly amazing.

MMS Comes to the iPhone

Just read about this, Swedish official iPhone carrier Telia will soon offer an application that, for the first time, makes MMS messaging possible with the iPhone. The company that has developed this iPhone app is called Mobispine AB, and their press release of the product looks promising. Apparently it’s a white-label solution that Telia will… Continue reading MMS Comes to the iPhone

Review Of Chosr, A “Quicksilver” Startpage

This was news to me. I stumbled across this article about Chosr, a web based command like interface that works just like Quicksilver. (Read more about Quicksilver here.) The idea is that as soon as you open a new tab in your browser, the startpage (Chosr) appears and lets you type in what you want… Continue reading Review Of Chosr, A “Quicksilver” Startpage

Web Browser Market Shares

I found this awesome site that compares market shares globally between browsers. As of 2008-10-01, these are the biggest browsers in the world: 46% – Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 25% – Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 19% – Mozilla Firefox, any version 7% – Safari, any version (most likely including other browsers built on WebKit, such… Continue reading Web Browser Market Shares

IntenseDebate Got Acquired!

Today, IntenseDebate officially got acquired by the fabulous company Automattic, the makers of both and! Here’s IntenseDebate’s Tom Keller and Toni Schneider talking about the acquisition at the SF TechStars event: I’m super excited about the deal, and starting to work for Automattic. I feel like this is what we’ve been working for… Continue reading IntenseDebate Got Acquired!

Mac OS X Mail Problem: Attached Images Show Up Embedded In Outlook & Other Clients

I’ve had this problem for a while, that Mac OS X Mail (the native mail client in OS X) sends emails that other email clients don’t recognize as attachments, but as embedded pictures. This has been really frustrating, because if I’m sending an image to a client that needs to be saved on the client’s… Continue reading Mac OS X Mail Problem: Attached Images Show Up Embedded In Outlook & Other Clients