IntenseDebate Got Acquired!

Today, IntenseDebate officially got acquired by the fabulous company Automattic, the makers of both and!

Here’s IntenseDebate’s Tom Keller and Toni Schneider talking about the acquisition at the SF TechStars event:

I’m super excited about the deal, and starting to work for Automattic. I feel like this is what we’ve been working for for the past 1.5 years, and now we’re finally there… And it’s an amazing feeling.

I’m off to have some champagne. Yay for us, IntenseDebate Team!

Go read Jon’s Blog Post about the acquisition, and TechCrunch, and the TechStars Blog, and Andrew Hyde’s Blog, and Mashable, and Matt Mullenwegs blog, and Toni Schneider’s blog (CEO Automattic), and IntenseDebate’s own blog post about the acquisition, and… Many more.

TechStars 2008 – Apply Now!

TechStars LogoI spent last summer in the beautiful and cozy Boulder, CO. Intense Debate was selected as one of the 10 teams that gets into TechStars each year. I’m still very proud of this: And truth is, without it, Intense Debate probably wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

Techstars is about three things to me.
1. Learning from the best, and get to ask them questions.
2. Meeting other young entrepreneurs to bounce off ideas on and just hang out with.
3. Getting started. Face it: You need some pressure on you to get things going.

All in all, you don’t have anything to lose, just to win. Last year 10/300 got in TechStars. If you got what it takes, send in your application today at and get ready to kick some a**!