One thought on “Video: What’s TechStars like?

  1. Ana, I entered the US on a Visa Waiver (that's your tourist visa). It's no problem getting this, you just fill out a form on the airplane, but it has alot of restrictions. I'm entering the US on a "Business" Visa Waiver (you say business instead of pleasure in border control when you enter the US), and therefore I can have meetings, work and get a salary as long as it's NOT from a US company. The way we work this out is that I have my own company in Sweden that's taking contracted work from the US company, which is fully legal… Even if I'm in the US doing this work. The biggest downside to the Visa Waiver is however that you can't start a company in the US on it, that's strictly forbidden. My team didn't legally create our company until after the 3mo TechStars period, so we sort of avoided this issue, but TS wants you to start a company asap when you get to TS – if you haven't already done so (even better). That might be the only way to get around this though, that you start the company before TechStars starts. Legally you then own stocks in an american company (no problems, as far as I know) and you work for "your own company" when you get there. It's alot of work though. You can reach me at my private email any time. Good luck with TechStars!

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