WordPress Advice for Beginners

Smashing Magazine published an article titled “The WordPress Community Offers Advice To Beginners” a few days ago. Written by WP community rockstar Siobhan McKeown it’s a comprehensive guide to WordPress for the newcomer. So comprehensive, in fact, that I’ve yet to read the whole thing!

I was lucky to be a part of the article with one small quote on how to get started with… Well, anything:

“Just jump in. If you have an idea for a great blog or website, set something basic up quickly (there are good free or cheap WordPress hosts out there) and start writing. As you go, you’ll learn more about what works and what doesn’t, as well as what your readers like the most. There really is no time like now, and too many great ideas never see the light of day because their inventor didn’t take that first step.”

I’m glad that I’m finally following my own advice.

Read the full article on Smashing Magazine.

Hopes & Dreams

This year I vowed to blog more. It’s something most of us want to get better at, and when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve it seems like a reasonable promise to make: “in 2013 I want to blog more than I did the previous year”.

Given that I published only a handful of posts in 2012 it seems reasonable.

Blogging is however not an easy task. Especially when you’re posting on a site that bears your name. It’s your credibility, your personal brand. “Anything you say can, and will, be used against you.”

Therefore I’m approaching this goal in a very humble way. I only want to post at least one great post every month. One that I don’t mind being quoted from, one that I feel reflects my beliefs and hopes, one that I can truly stand for. In between these posts of great insight and clever interpretation there’ll be a lot of posts about music that I like. Blog posts and articles I found to be interesting. Comments on the news as they change the world. Pictures from my life.

Here’s to 2013, the year of blogging.

I’m speaking at WordCamp San Francisco!

Boom, done. Finally submitted the title and description of my State of the Mobile Word talk for WordCamp San Francisco ’12. It feels good to have it over with. Oh wait, the presentation itself is still only drafted and I need to practice lots more. Dang.

In all seriousness it’s going to be awesome to attend the grand daddy of all WordCamps again. Last time I was on the attendees list was back in 2010 and I thoroughly missed participating last year. But no hard feelings! I know you still love me, SF. I’m going to rock your trolley.

Preparing for my trip I should probably do something about this blog. As in actually posting more often, maybe posting about stuff that actually matters (this would be great), perhaps even a refresh or dare I say a new theme? While edgy and innovative, this blog’s design is, to put it bluntly, undigestible and rather ugly. The notion that line breaks are evil and uncool definitely didn’t help.

Yes, it is time for something new.

IntenseDebate Got Acquired!

Today, IntenseDebate officially got acquired by the fabulous company Automattic, the makers of both WordPress.com and WordPress.org!

Here’s IntenseDebate’s Tom Keller and Toni Schneider talking about the acquisition at the SF TechStars event:

I’m super excited about the deal, and starting to work for Automattic. I feel like this is what we’ve been working for for the past 1.5 years, and now we’re finally there… And it’s an amazing feeling.

I’m off to have some champagne. Yay for us, IntenseDebate Team!

Go read Jon’s Blog Post about the acquisition, and TechCrunch, and the TechStars Blog, and Andrew Hyde’s Blog, and Mashable, and Matt Mullenwegs blog, and Toni Schneider’s blog (CEO Automattic), and IntenseDebate’s own blog post about the acquisition, and… Many more.

Mac OS X Mail Problem: Attached Images Show Up Embedded In Outlook & Other Clients

I’ve had this problem for a while, that Mac OS X Mail (the native mail client in OS X) sends emails that other email clients don’t recognize as attachments, but as embedded pictures. This has been really frustrating, because if I’m sending an image to a client that needs to be saved on the client’s computer, he or she is unable to do so because the image is not a “real attachment”.

So, here are the facts: Wether an image is embedded in the email or not, it’s still an attachment. Thus, OS X Mail does nothing wrong when it embeds the image, other clients simply doesn’t want to understand that it’s still an attachment. The clients (read: “Outlook”) offer no way to save the image other than to right click it inside the email, but that only generates a .bmp that’s scaled down to the email size in pixel width.

Please note that it doesn’t matter if you click the Attachment button in the main taskbar or simply drag the images to the email body.

The solution:
The reason my images were getting embedded was because I was using some signatures with colors in them. As soon as you set the font, a color or similar, Mail turns the email into a “Rich Text” email, which basically means it’s a HTML email. So when you attach images to such an email, Mail generates an tag for that image, thus embedding it into the email itself. You can avoid this easily by just using Plain Text emails (see screenshot).

You can also try to simply don’t use any formatting in the email, including your signature.

Hope this helps. 🙂