Radiolara Index

I’ve been a member of Neonmob some time. Sara convinced me to sign up, I’m staying because of the (sometimes) amazing art and the great and addictive UI on the site. Neonmob is basically a card collecting game for the 21st century. The most impressive set I’ve seen featured on Neonmob so far is called… Continue reading Radiolara Index

How to never lose form content in your browser

We’ve all been there. You’re typing up a long comment on that blog you like or maybe you’re entering shipping details so you can get that über-geeky but yet somewhat fashionable and undoubtedly funny t-shirt already. Your browser decides it’s time to bash it’s head against a wall for a while and subsequently die. When… Continue reading How to never lose form content in your browser

Samsung Galaxy S3 PSD Template

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most sold high-end Android devices on the market which makes it perfect for showcasing apps and websites. This is a simple PSD template based on a device shot of the app, but still has all the bells and whistles: Embedded instructions. Screen size at exactly 720x1280px which… Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S3 PSD Template

Hopes & Dreams

This year I vowed to blog more. It’s something most of us want to get better at, and when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve it seems like a reasonable promise to make: “in 2013 I want to blog more than I did the previous year”. Given that I published only a handful… Continue reading Hopes & Dreams