How to never lose form content in your browser

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We’ve all been there. You’re typing up a long comment on that blog you like or maybe you’re entering shipping details so you can get that über-geeky but yet somewhat fashionable and undoubtedly funny t-shirt already. Your browser decides it’s time to bash it’s head against a wall for a while and subsequently die. When you revive that S.O.B. (Son Of a Browser), your [comment/shipping details/whatever else] are long gone. You curse the day software maker X decided not to auto-save your content, and as the rage flows through your veins like a stream of hot lava down a meteor crater in the Hadean time period you may be inclined to do one of the following:

  1. Accept your fate and begin typing up your content once again. Likely in a more brief fashion than before, and most probably also by trying to physically hurt your keyboard (note: computer peripherals are stationary objects, unable to feel emotion).
  2. Throw your pen/coffee mug/mouse/computer into the wall and call it a day. Maybe pick up carpentry. You start by creating small wooden shelves for your plants and in time you may move on to making plain looking coffee tables (that don’t work).

What if your computer peripherals could live? What if coffee tables are not your true calling? What if you just wanted the darned thing to remember what you were typing?

Lazarus Form Recovery Logo/SymbolLazarus Form Recovery

Lazarus is one of those hidden gems that everyone needs but few have heard of. It’s a must-have for any one of the browsers it supports – as soon as you install it you can forget about it. Next time your browser freaks out and eats your content, you’ll be ready. It sits quietly in the background and saves what you type securely. To retrieve anything, just go to the page you were on last and click the icon above the field to recover your data.

Install Lazarus for Chrome

Install Lazarus for Firefox

It literally takes 10 seconds to install, so do it now!


an abbreviation of Eleazar, whom God helps. (1.) The brother of Mary and Martha of Bethany. He was raised from the dead after he had lain four days in the tomb (John 11:1-44). This miracle so excited the wrath of the Jews that they sought to put both Jesus and Lazarus to death.
Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary

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