Hopes & Dreams

This year I vowed to blog more. It’s something most of us want to get better at, and when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve it seems like a reasonable promise to make: “in 2013 I want to blog more than I did the previous year”.

Given that I published only a handful of posts in 2012 it seems reasonable.

Blogging is however not an easy task. Especially when you’re posting on a site that bears your name. It’s your credibility, your personal brand. “Anything you say can, and will, be used against you.”

Therefore I’m approaching this goal in a very humble way. I only want to post at least one great post every month. One that I don’t mind being quoted from, one that I feel reflects my beliefs and hopes, one that I can truly stand for. In between these posts of great insight and clever interpretation there’ll be a lot of posts about music that I like. Blog posts and articles I found to be interesting. Comments on the news as they change the world. Pictures from my life.

Here’s to 2013, the year of blogging.

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