Radiolara Index


I’ve been a member of Neonmob some time. Sara convinced me to sign up, I’m staying because of the (sometimes) amazing art and the great and addictive UI on the site. Neonmob is basically a card collecting game for the 21st century.

The most impressive set I’ve seen featured on Neonmob so far is called “Radiolara Index”.

The Nanobot Projects are a series of militaristic, medicinal, and agricultural trials utilizing nanotechnology in twelve different cities. Each city specializes in its own form of nanotechnology, and certain Projects are defensive or offensive responses to the Projects of other cities. The Radiolaria Index describes many of the elements that make up these Nanobot Projects.









All pictures above from Radiolara Index.

The process of creating these micro-organisms is pretty amazing. If you’re interested in creating your own little creatures or just looking for inspiration, you should check out how Radiolara Index was made. It’s a rare insight into the world of 3D renderings and how apps can work together to create highly polished artwork.

Istvan has made a lot of other great renderings and illustrations, here’s a sample of some of his other work.

From Math:Rules – Strange Attractors

From Caustic Icebergs

From Crystallized Asteroïds

Check out Istvan’s work over on Chaotic Atmospheres!

All pictures Copyright Chaotic Atmospheres, permission to use was obtained.

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