IntenseDebate Got Acquired!

Today, IntenseDebate officially got acquired by the fabulous company Automattic, the makers of both and!

Here’s IntenseDebate’s Tom Keller and Toni Schneider talking about the acquisition at the SF TechStars event:

I’m super excited about the deal, and starting to work for Automattic. I feel like this is what we’ve been working for for the past 1.5 years, and now we’re finally there… And it’s an amazing feeling.

I’m off to have some champagne. Yay for us, IntenseDebate Team!

Go read Jon’s Blog Post about the acquisition, and TechCrunch, and the TechStars Blog, and Andrew Hyde’s Blog, and Mashable, and Matt Mullenwegs blog, and Toni Schneider’s blog (CEO Automattic), and IntenseDebate’s own blog post about the acquisition, and… Many more.

Intense Debate Graphical Makeover

As you probably know I’m a cofounder and User Interface Designer at Intense Debate. We just released a big update to our revolutionary commenting system, that’s basically a total makeover graphically. I think you can tell that I’m excited!

ScreenshotOne of the most noticable changes/improvements is the “User Information Box” that displays when you hover an avatar. It’s almost like a mini-profile-mashup from alot of different things. The idea is that it should tell you alot about the person you’re interested in, and still look OK if the person has not supplied much data. A screenshot of this new feature is next to this paragraph.

There’s much more to this update, if you’re interested I suggest you go read (and subscribe!) to our company blog: Inside the Debate.

New year, more work

It’s amazing how some things change rapidly and how others.. Well, doesn’t change at all. It’s 2008 and I still work as hard as ever. One thing’s for certain: This is the year. So much exciting stuff will happen this year.

I’m working on a little side project for Adept Web Solutions while Intense Debate stabilizes. I thought I’d post something about that on here later.. It’s cool stuff. I’m also hoping to update the blog a little bit, already getting tired of it.

Intense Debate Nov 14 Update

It’s been two weeks since Intense Debate entered it’s open Beta, and we’ve now pushed a semi-big release. I’ts almost like OSX Leopard. Not very many revolutionizing features, but a nice overall, very much needed update to the general experience. Especially the UI of the comment system itself has been streamlined quite a bit. It has also lost a few unneeded pounds.

You can however expect more updates soon. We have some exciting stuff in the works!

Intense Debate has launched!

I’m glad to report that Intense Debate has ended it’s Closed Beta period and is now entering an Open Beta! These are very exciting times, and it’s amazing to see how well our service performs with this sudden hiatus in the traffic. The Chameleon theme is also performing fairly well, even due to my complete rewrite. I’ve only had to fix one or two small things.

So if you have a blog, go check out the newest, and brightest shining star on the Internet for today: Intense Debate Comments. Installing it on Blogger and typepad with a widget is a breeze, a WordPress install is really easy.

If you have any complaints/questions/suggestions about the interface or the commenting experience altogether, please drop me a few lines. I’m always working on making the Intense Debate Comments your dream commenting system come true.