The first useful ad

I was actually pleasantly surprised when I discovered this new advertisement type on YouTube the other day, it’s a large bar that goes across the bottom of the video that tells the name of the song, displays some artwork if available AND links to services where you can buy and download the song. How awesome… Continue reading The first useful ad

MMS Comes to the iPhone

Just read about this, Swedish official iPhone carrier Telia will soon offer an application that, for the first time, makes MMS messaging possible with the iPhone. The company that has developed this iPhone app is called Mobispine AB, and their press release of the product looks promising. Apparently it’s a white-label solution that Telia will… Continue reading MMS Comes to the iPhone

Review Of Chosr, A “Quicksilver” Startpage

This was news to me. I stumbled across this article about Chosr, a web based command like interface that works just like Quicksilver. (Read more about Quicksilver here.) The idea is that as soon as you open a new tab in your browser, the startpage (Chosr) appears and lets you type in what you want… Continue reading Review Of Chosr, A “Quicksilver” Startpage

WordPress Twitter updater

Some things are just simply awesome. This plugin for WordPress posts your most recent blog posts to your twitter account (well, the title and a link at least). It was really easy to setup and hopefully works as it should, too. If you want more content on Twitter and blog often, this is for you!… Continue reading WordPress Twitter updater


It was finally time to check out Twitter. I started using my account actively a week or so ago, and it’s been a blast. Although there are whole new chemics I need to learn about the in Twitter community (and especially the Boulder scene), I feel like almost everything is accepted, so possible mistakes goes… Continue reading Twitter

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Bendito Machine

I’m not sure this short film actually has an important message… It’s just very weird. Still cool though. I like.

Pure CSS animated menu

I’ve had this idea for a long time, to create a menu that would look animated but still being all CSS. The trick is to use the movement of the mouse over different objects to trigger other elements to change. Thanks to normal child selectors, nested elements and some padding animation is actually possible. The… Continue reading Pure CSS animated menu