Get perfect Web 2.0 16x16px icons quickly!

Recently I faced the problem of either creating my own 16 square pixel icons, or use others. I started looking into how other services have solved the problem, and I realized after looking at Socialthing! that the best solution is also the most obvious and simple one: Just import the site’s own favicons!

Here are some examples of great 16×16 icons from well known sites:

  • Facebook: favicon
  • favicon
  • CNN: favicon
  • Yahoo!: favicon
  • Twitter: favicon

Almost all bigger sites out there have a favicon, so to find and download an icon just do the following:

  1. Enter root web adress in your browsers adress field:
  2. Apply /favicon.ico to the adress, like so:
  3. Hit Enter to go to the adress, and there you are. This is the perfect 16px icon for the website you’ve entered!


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