My Dvorak journey, part 4

A little over a month ago I challenged myself:

I currently have an average of 73 words per minute on Can I get to an average above 90 in 1 months time using a Dvorak keyboard? Source

It’s now been over a month, closing in on one and a half actually, and I’m happy to report… that I’m not there just yet. However, it’s got to a point where at least the thought of having to type something doesn’t make my fingers crumble. I don’t think too much about it anymore, to be honest.

The last month or so I’ve traveled some, which definitely didn’t help my speed typing recovery. If there’s one tip I have for people considering making the switch, it’s this: stay by your desk. Wether it be at home or in an office, make sure to stick with it and don’t give yourself any breaks. You simply haven’t earned them just yet!

So here we are. I’ve now been using DVORAK for 42 consecutive days, and I can’t type on a QWERTY keyboard anymore. I thought I would be able to alternate but this has not worked out at all. Now I just skip the umlauts when I write in Swedish, which makes me feel like a world trotter writing home in the 90’s.

This post took roughly 15 minutes to write. (Yay!)

My highest Typeracer score today (out of 3 races) was 44 WPM. Just a little over a month ago this was 12 WPM.

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