Get Notified about Keyword Mentions in Skype Group Chats

Here’s a little trick that might come in handy for those that use Skype as a group messaging tool: set up the chat to only notify you about specific keyword mentions and mark other messages as read immediately.

This guide is for Skype 6.1+ on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (untested on other platforms but might work).

How to change Notification Settings in Skype

  1. skype-group-chat-notification-settings-sidebarOpen Skype and find the group chat you want to change Notifications for in the sidebar.
  2. Right-click on the conversation and choose “Notification Settings…”.
  3. A dialogue lets you set your Notification Settings.
    • Notify me: default, get notified about every new message.
    • Do not notify me: turn off notifications altogether – you’ll see new messages only if you go directly to the group chat.
    • Notify me only if these words are mentioned: allows you to specify specific keywords for which you want to be notified about, separated by spaces.
    • Mark unread messages as read immediately will clear the badge count on the app icon.


Props Joen Asmussen for the post idea.

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