IRC Lingo

I’ve not used IRC before, but now I have to since most of Automattic’s internal discussions are happening in an IRC channel. So I was looking around, trying to find general IRC commands but didn’t find anything. So here’s what I’ve learned so far:

/join #roomnamehere
To join a chat room within an IRC channel, type the above. Ex: /join #gamechat.

/nick newnickhere
To change your nickname in a room, type /nick newnicknamehere. Ex: /nick fred.

/topic topichere
This is to set the topic of an IRC room. Ex: /topic Support cases.

/me raises his hand
Will output your nick followed by the message. Example: “borat raises his hand” (Thanks Nick!)

/whois nickname
shows nickname’s information
//whois $me
shows your information
//part $chan (reason)
leaves channel with a reason (Thanks Firas for these!)

That’s what I’ve found out so far. Feel free to give me more tips in the comments, and I’ll add them to the list!

13 thoughts on “IRC Lingo

  1. /whois nickname
    shows nickname's information
    //whois $me
    shows your information
    //part $chan (reason)
    leaves channel with a reason

    lot and lot of commands, the old dayss heheh 🙂

  2. It's really amusing to know that someone from the web 2.0 and beyond is having to learn how to post in an IRC channel. It sounds like "the old school" revenge :p. Sorry I can't remember any other tip to send U, gotta join mIRC again to bring up something else.

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