IntenseDebate WordPress plugin 2.0 is out of the bag!

I’m happy to report that the fabled second version of our IntenseDebate plugin is now out there, running wild. We’ve had incredible numbers of installs the past few days, and it’s a lot of fun seeing it being used.

The biggest change with the new plugin is that it automatically syncs comments back and forth between your WordPress DB and the IntenseDebate servers. This means that once the initial import is completed, you should always have the same set of comments showing up in IntenseDebate on your blog posts, as in your WordPress database. So if a reader has JavaScript turned off for some reason, they’ll still be able to comment and participate in a conversation using your native commenting system – and the comments will still show up in IntenseDebate for everyone else! And if you ever chose to leave, no problem, your comments are right there in your database already. No need to export.

I could go on and on (you can tell I’m pretty excited), but here are the biggest highlights of the new WordPress plugin:


  1. I think IntenseDebate is a great plugin, but I cant change the sliding-door image that causes the gradients for the header. Also there is no documentation on the highlight function, that puts a yellow JS fade over the new comment. This looks very strange on dark backgrounds, as does admin comments (gradient), and the ugly yellow that is on a new post. Im sure it would be easy enough to allow the sliding-door image to be replaced by an edited duplicate that is hosted on the user's server.

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