My Dvorak journey, part 3

The days fly by… I wish I could say the same about my typing. I didn’t fully understand what I was getting myself into when I first started this crusade towards typing glory.

The main improvement in my typing so far is that the most common words I type that are on the home row (such as “the”, “that”, “these”) I now type with perfect accuracy, and fast. Also, some common words that have all the letters on the home row except one (like “some”, “have”, “month”) I’m getting much faster at. I can tell that I’m improving but it’s going way slower than I’d like it to.

I found a spreadsheet that details average words typed per minute during the conversion period, and how it changes over time. According to this, it’ll take about 6 months before I’ll reach an average typing rate again. Not very uplifting considering I was shooting for 1-2 months going in.

This post took 30 min to write. My highest score on Typeracer today was 12 WPM.


  1. It is funny that you talk about your typing rate. 🙂 I have no idea if I am typing fast. But I am sure when I use my phone, I can type fast.

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