My Dvorak journey, part 2

One day in, this whole Dvorak thing is becoming a bit absurd. It’s crippling me more than I ever thought it would. I’m now approaching every block of text I have to write trying to determine how I can bring what I need to say across in as few words as possible, which is not a bad thing in itself but at the core my communication skills are at an all time low. Chatting is virtually impossible.

I keep finding things that I didn’t anticipate would be cumbersome going in. Let me list a few.

  • Writing HTML (such as this list), CSS, really any programming language is freaking annoying.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Open a new tab? Copying, cutting, pasting stuff? Saving? We do them so fast it’s really hard to re-learn where the letters you’re so used to pressing are now located. The upside is that now I know (all too well, I might add) that CMD+Y opens the browser history in Chrome!
  • Passwords. I have a few personal passwords and the master password for 1Password that I actually need to manually type. These are high secure passwords with upper/lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Typing them a few times every hour gets on your nerves fast.

You start to appreciate and use search suggestions and auto-complete. In fact I never realized how powerful these features were up until now.

I love A

There are glimpses of a brighter future to come though. I now giggle when I get to type words like “the”, “that”, “as”, and “lol”. And my favorite character from now on will always be “A” because true friends stick around.

According to Typeracer, today I’m typing at 12 WPM.

This post took me roughly 45 minutes to type with some editing.

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