As far as havocs go, I’ve never messed up more in my life than I have today. Let me summarize what’s happened so far.

The day starts with missing my flight back to Europe, I was 100% convinced I was flying out on the 25th and not the 24th. I think I was confused because with the time differences and the length of the flight, I would arrive on the 25th. Problem is I’m realizing this around 2-3PM, and due to the visa issues I’ve had before from entering the US, I’m very, very concerned about not breaking any visa regulations. One of the most important things is to be sure to fly out on the exact date your visa was issued for. For me, that’s today. The american border control officers have no compassion, even for missed flights.

So I book a flight to go to Atlanta, the closest major flight hub in the US, to make sure I leave the US soil within 8hrs. Rushing to the airport, I call an AirFrance rep to book an ATL-CDG-MIL flight (end destination Milano, Italy). That ticket alone ended up costing me over $2,000.

I’m sprinting through security, trying to get all my things together after the screening, and for the moment both my bags are on the floor. The conveyer belt makes the overweight carry-on belonging to the lady behind me in line fall right on my computer bag. I hear a cracking sound, but don’t have time to check the damage, and run off to the gate.

The BHM-ATL flight is only 30min, but is delayed an hour.

I get to Atlanta and find a check-in machine. Flight’s booked, but the AirFrance phone rep misspelled my middle name, even though we went through all names to make sure she got it right. Going to Concourse E and the Delta-AirFrance desk. They don’t want to touch my booking in fear that it will void my ticket. All they can do is, they say, is to write a note to the personell on the flight to give me a seat. I have another 3 hours here in Atlanta to wait for the flight to departure, a flight I might not even get on due to the mistake of one of their official phone reps, and with a ticket I’ve payed thousands of dollars for.

After a much-needed cigarette break in one of the smoking lounges, I open my computer to write this post. This is when I notice that the glass screen is cracked. My iPad works, but has a huge dent on the back.

The first thing I’m doing as soon as I get home is to sell my car, tv, and playstation 3.


  1. Hello, not sure if i should keep it english in the comments but i will anyway.

    Sounds like an omnious day. So I’ll make it easy on you.

    I would like to put a bid on your PS3. For the kicks.

    Yours forever

  2. You should really quit smoking..it may seem like the solution at the time but it really does not make you feel better at the end of the day.
    And whenever I have a “bad” day I always think….everyday you are alive is a good day. At least youre not buried under the ground.

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