IntenseDebate Plugins!

It’s an exciting day for all of us in the IntenseDebate community. Today we’re announcing IntenseDebate Plugins, turning IntenseDebate into a real commenting platform. We’re launching with 4 plugins we’ve written on our own to show the capabilities, and to check off some longtime requested features. Of the 4, I’ve been the most involved in the development of the Smileys plugin, which I’ve created all 19 smileys for.

The smileys are inspired by existing Smileys sets such as iChat, MSN, the bulletin forum boards smileys and Adium’s default ones, but are 100% made by me. I chose to create them in a 12x12px format instead of the usual 16x16px or larger, because this means they won’t break the line-heights on most sites as much. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

So go ahead! Show people what you’re capable of and write your own plugin today. Who knows, there’s a possibility you might get featured…


  1. This is awesome move forward and I now have switched to intense,

    now if you great folks could add link and unlink buttons or plugin I would be willing to pay to see that one with some other text manipulators like bold and italics buttons since mostly bloggers know html

    casual commenters would be more inclined to comment I believe instead of being bewildered and embarrassed to ask how to do it.

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