Juno is my role model

juno3.jpgI saw the film Juno featuring Ellen Page and Michael Cera (who’s been in the buzz for a while since he played in the very hyped comedy Superbad). It was one of those pictures that I knew I’d like long before it was released. And I did, Ellen Page really touched my heart. Her acting should’ve won the Oscar, and I’m dead serious. There’s this scene where she cries in a car, and her chin is trembling… Incredibly well done.

Juno is unique and different, but yet a role model. To me what’s important about life is to do what you want to do, whatever it might be and without restrictions. The way she’s true to herself is very admirable to me. Being able to throw yourself, get beat up verbally and psychically and still come out on top is, to me, the coolest thing you can do as a living being. It’s pure strength.

One thing that I thought was very interesting was that Bleeker’s “stink-eye girlfriend” literally only appears in one scene, the same scene that was in the trailer. It’s interesting that she doesn’t get any focus whatsoever in the film, which is genius in my opinion. It’s the emotion she gets Juno in and the mood of Paulie that she represents that’s important. And it is very true that nothing else is of any importance to the film, all her character visualizes is the emotion and state of others. Clever.

I have got to see more of Ellen Page. She’s one of my favorites already, and I think the first one being only 21.

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