Ron Paul for President

I know, I know. I live in Sweden, and will probably never become an American citizen. But I do have alot of thoughts about the ongoing elections.

Recently I’ve come to believe that there are a few people in the US that are trying to control the public into drastic decisions. This is largely because I watched Zeitgeist, a film that implies alot about the current ongoings in the world. I would not say it’s propoganda, as it’s sole purpose is just to tell the other side of a story, the side that BBC, CNN and Fox don’t want to tell us. It reveals the people who have made The New York Times show discretion to their shady actions.

I’m not saying I whole-heartedly agree with the film. I do believe, however, that a guy like Ron Paul could really make a difference. He IS aware of the plans of an American Union, he is speaking of taking home the troops from Iraq, and is serious about the IRS not being needed. And out of all candidates there are, on both sides, he’s the only one that’s not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. No one really knows what CFR does, but some say they are working for a One World Government.

Please, see Zeitgeist and decide for yourself. If nothing else, for the entertainment. It’s theories grabs your attention.


  1. While alot of those films wants to show only their side of the problem, and that by definition is propaganda, I still think they have a purpose. They're asking you to start thinking yourself. There was no message to join a religion in Zeitgeist, the only message was that you, as an individual is a strong and mighty being that is fully capable of thinking for yourself and making intelligent decisions. I think that's a great message. The thing is.. As soon as one of those movies come out that question what we think we know for sure, there's this witchcraft process going on to prove them wrong. But we never, ever question what's being said in the newspaper or on the tv. How can that be truth just because it's CNN? That's to me what those films are all about. Enlightenment. I am very opposed to the foreign policy of the US, against the Iraq war and overall think that the US should be less aggressive and let everyone live their lives instead of trying to persuade everyone to adept the american way. So I think everything in this world is a little bit misleading. Zeitgeist is HIGHLY misleading, but has a point that's not been broadcasted by CNN ever.

  2. I'ts good that people are finally starting to change. I think it's a generation thing as well, in Sweden there's a saying that goes "It's the truth, it's right here – black on white!", referring to the black text on white paper in a newspaper.

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