WordPress Mobile Apps

App Design (UX/UI/IA)

During my 3.5 years as Team Lead and Product Designer for the Mobile Team at Automattic, I directed and designed iterations on the official WordPress apps for various platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Since the team launched more than one new major app update per month on average I’m only showing some select work.

WordPress Apps Websites

UX/UI/Marketing/Copywriting. As team lead and product designer at Automattic, I was also responsible for marketing the apps and building community engagement. It was decided that each app should have its own website as each OS is different and if you’re on one you’ll most likely only be interested in the version of the app made for your OS.

I created the 4 websites shown in the gallery above over a 1-year period, iterating on the practices as the platforms grew. Each website ties into the GUI guidelines for that OS.

Footnote: these sites are no longer live and have been replaced by a global website for all the official apps.


UI/UX refresh, implementation of Gravatar Profiles and Hovercards. A small project to add Gravatar Profiles to Gravatar.com as well as helping implement hovercards with the same information, making any avatar on WordPress.com show a short bio about the person when their picture is hovered over. The project has since been iterated on numerous times.

Iriver Nordic

UI, UX, HTML/CSS, implementation, project management.

One of my first big projects. Full website for Swedish retailer Iriver Nordic selling Iriver products, mainly MP3 players. The faded gradient at the top of the page was animated in multiple layers, simulating the Nordic Lights. Never launched. Lessons were learned.